What’s Your Story

What is Your Story?

The amount of personal change all depends on where you feel you are right now and where you want your story to go. Some may need a nudge, others may need an overhaul.

Here are some scenarios I’ve come across –

For me and, surprisingly, many others, didn’t plan on not having a family. It doesn’t cross your mind to have a plan B. Unaware at the time, I was not letting go of this life I was waiting to happen. My days were on repeat and it wasn’t going anywhere. I was stuck and didn’t know how to get out of it.

For others, they may have achieved what they were supposed to, whether it was a certain job, family or financial status, but still lack fulfillment. There is a sense of without, a need for more. You may know what you need and haven’t taken action or you don’t and this is an area to explore.

I also hear from students that are well aware of the academic or career path they’re supposed to take, but it isn’t quite what they want. They themselves need direction from within to know what they want to do out in the real world.

Then, I have friends that come to me wanting to work on a specific area like behavioral improvements, health, work, or financial management.

Based on what you’re looking for, the process offers three types of approaches.

change street

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