The Process

I started my journey by creating a list of 100 things I wanted to do. After that year, I realized I didn’t need this again as my life had evolved. I was more in tuned with the direction I was going. As a result, there are two subsequent stages to support this growth.

Below is a breakdown of the three stages based on the personal change results you are seeking.

Exploring – Narrowing – Focusing

Do you need to explore what changes need to happen and/or what passion(s) you may have? Do you have an idea what you want, but need to narrow in on your plan and let go of the low hanging fruit? Or, do you know what you want and need to be laser focused and move selectively but big?

Depending on the outcome you’re looking for, here is a summary:

Exploring: Identify 100 things you want/need to do that year. It can be anything you want including things around the house to behavioral improvements to new habits. The purpose to is get your thoughts on paper and to start exploring what it is you’re looking to do with yourself. The quantity will force you to think beyond the low hanging fruit and into a bigger world of ideas.

Narrowing: Identify 50 goals you want to accomplish that year. The purpose is cut back on the small stuff and expand on key items on your list that indicate a passion or a new road toward change. You have an idea of what you’re seeking but need a little more help.

Focusing: Identify 25 goals you want to accomplish that year. This practice continues year after year, indefinitely. By now, you are in the habit of logging goals that are important. You are focused on what it is you want and have no trouble getting it done.

You can start wherever you find that is the best fit for where you are. All three can be done sequentially, out of order or at only one level. Each of these are a year long exercise and can start at any month.

TSW Blogs are pivoted around ideas and material for users to create their list of things for whatever stage they may be in. Social media captures TSW path, my journey and where it is taking us.

As a reminder, this is an guide to help you find change and passion. This program will have you listen to yourself (again), improve your accountability and challenge you for action to guide you into the next phase of your life.

Feel free to contact me to learn more about the process and how they can work for you or your group.

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