Graham Beck – South African bubbles to try

We attended the 2017 Champagne and Oyster Fest in the Hillcrest Quary in Cape Town, South Africa. If there is one thing that gets me excited, it is bubbles. So, this gathering was right down my alley.


In this event, I saw a familiar name, Graham Beck. I’ve had this a couple of times in the US, but I never realized it was a South African brand.  In every Cape Town restaurant wine list we checked, we would see their bottle offered. So, it became a signature order for our festivities. It also helped that it was extremely reasonable there and in the States too (~$16+).

Throw a little culture and a little change to your bevy experience next time and have at it! It seems most tend to like the white sparkling over the rose, but don’t let that sway you from tasting both. Here are most pictures from our day.

Also, side note, when I was at the liquor store, I was able to chill (to an exceptionally ice cold temperature) the bottle within 7 minutes! How do most not have one in their kitchen! Great holiday gift I tell ya! I have a link to a fabulous one perfect size for a home on my favorites page.