Drinking in Bali. The Real Juice.

Ubud, Bali Indonesia
February 2018

If you are anything like me and you come from a heavy drinking culture (Texas), then you are probably curious about what you can expect in Bali – just like me.

For starters, we’re not in Texas anymore. I think the only time I’ve seen someone drink quite a bit was…me. Well, there were others too, but I will own my party girl side in this instance.

In Ubud, you have to make an effort. It’s about drinking juice and meditating around trees for answers. Not a lot of natural born chuggers around in these parts. Outside of this area though, in places like Canggu (“Chan-gu”) or Seminyak, there are plenty of party place options for endless adult juices and organic mistakes.

Know this, pours are not all treated the same. In the US, we get 44ml for each liquor mixed in our cocktails. Here, it’s a modest 30ml. So, guess what some of us do when we mean #bidness? We request a double (66ml). The upside? You won’t have to drink as many to get that loving warm feeling, cut back slightly on the total number.

Average cost for a drank here? Surprisingly, its about ~$7 per beverage and not a couple of dollars like everything else. Blame the alcohol tax here which was placed as a restrictive measure to appease the Islamic parties.

Last, the beer. Very, very special places may have craft options, not many. If you’re ordering what’s available, then you’ve got Bintang, the local pilsner beer of Bali. Its like a localized version of Heineken.

The first time I tried Bintang was in my room and not for drinking. I used two bottles for weights in my arm workout. That was a first and may not be the last with these kind of travels.

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‘Til Next, Elisa


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