Check out this $600 dinner tab – for two.

November 2016
Austin, Tx

It’s true. We were craving sushi and it so happened that he lived in the neighborhood next to Uchi in Austin. You have no idea how much I love the food there. I am a sucker. So, after a couple of warm up drinks at his house, we walked on over.

Uchi is the type of place that you will wait a bit of time if you don’t have reservations. Thankfully, they have a bar for people like us that night.

We had a bottle of rose bubbly. Then, we had a couple of bottles of top shelf unfiltered sake. By the time our table was ready, we helped ourselves to some sake martinis.

I can never remember what I’ve had at this place because many times the table will usually ask the server to make recommendations. He or she will rattle off items that we can’t really understand. We would nod and trust that it will be enough food.

We didn’t do that this time. My friend made one request – send us the Chef’s recommendations. (No questions asked)

It’s usually pricey here, but tonight, he was taking it to the next level.

If you’ve never been there, know the plates are small, but the flavors pack a very powerful punch. The fish is so delicate, it tastes like butter and practically melts in your mouth. Soy sauce rarely needed – and I’m a huge soy sauce girl.

Usually, I leave this place satiated. Not full. Just enough. This time? I was stuffed…and happily drunk.

When I saw the tab of $513.65 not including tip, I knew it was a moment. This was a first for me.

He was going through a divorce and wanted to indulge that night. I was more than happy to oblige for that dinner. And, I was grateful for it.

He continued his night with some heavier party favors that I’m not into myself. Thankfully, he had friends to accompany him with that over at this house. With that said, they took the party baton forward after that.

I’m not sure what happened to him. I know partying hard was a priority for him, maybe a bit self-destructive. We all rebound differently when we’re going through emotional trauma. I get it. I’m sure I’ll document my times here too. Hopefully, we find healthy ways to go about it and get over it as quickly as possible.

Friends are the best for these kinds of things.

‘Til Next, Elisa


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