Not for Everyone

Many seek improvement or change. Luckily, there are many programs out there based on your purpose, time, and preferred approach. I’m not here to tell you this is the perfect one for you.

Frankly, it’s not a quick fix nor is it for everyone. Based on what you need, we may possibly be steering a big ship that’s been built on a past way of thinking. Personal change management is about changing and finding that new direction.

This journey is most effective for those who have initiative, are committed, and most importantly, are ready to move forward.

The State of Mind

The easiest part. 

Do you find yourself thinking about the past? Do you think about things you could’ve done differently yesterday to be somewhere else today?

Or, are you wondering what would it be like to try something new or finally do it? Do you daydream or find yourself curious about how others live or how they did it?

Moving forward means you are no longer want to think about the past. You are ready to move from where you are right now. This is a place of action, not therapy.

There is no doubt in your mind that something must change and it needs to start now.

The First of Many Firsts

The hardest part.

Initiative is always the toughest in every situation. Scheduling with a therapist. Asking for a promotion. Filing your LLC. Stepping into the gym. Committing to an international move. Saying I’m sorry. Posting your first blog. Signing up for an MBA program. Admitting you have a problem. Buying that camera.

Starting this path is THE first of firsts. Then the rest of this journey becomes a lot of “firsts”. You must feel comfortable with action. If you don’t have initiative or you’re not willing to develop it, this is not for you. No initiative plus too much fear = resistance. This sets you up to be stuck if you’re not already.

The Path of Commitment and Growth

The longest part.

You have to want it bad, but you also have to want it for good. The journey is only as successful as your commitment to see it through. This requires attention and maintenance long term. If you want results, you have to set aside time and know that this is continuous investment on yourself. Feed the growth.

The outcome is a mental transformation and lifestyle change – the true test that the ship is steered.

You become your own before and after.

What’s your story?

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