Narrowing (50)


By the proceeding year, I was clued in on what I wanted, but I needed a little more exploration to further define and confirm it. I also had let go of the low hanging fruit that seemed productive and made me feel busy, but was really the opposite. It was limiting my world and misleading. I didn’t need the 100G anymore. I needed to narrow in on this a potential path I started to envision.

The 50

What is it: List 50 goals over the year as you’re completing the 100G or if you’re starting here, in one month (1-2/day). The purpose, preferably from the 100G, is to piece together your trends, challenges and the potential path to roll them up into the 50G.

Types of Goals: At least half of these goals will support the change or passion you’re envisioning, ranging from easy, medium to hard in difficulty. Jot down the first 3 steps to complete each one. This should be a fast process. The remaining can be anything like the 100G including some you didn’t do the year before. Decide how many you will complete for that year. Make the completion rate goal #1.

Why 50: Cutting the list in half challenges you to start prioritizing areas that matter to you most. You also begin thinking of goals that encompass a greater area of growth or action. All the while, there is some room for the smaller wins you have yet to complete.

Most of these goals will look more like stepping-stones and less like baby steps. It may require research and revaluation at the start and duration of this. Some may relate to each other. Part of this process is reconfiguring it and further confirming what is it you really want to do with yourself. You get better at thinking bigger, planning better and cutting the fat.

Review, update and reconfigure this list once a month until end of year.