Focusing (25i)


By now, I wasn’t caught up with the day-to-day small world stuff anymore because I got better at getting things done. After experiencing the thrill, fear and difficulty of the harder goals, the easier ones were a walk in the park. Creating subsections or other lists that targeted a certain area in my life became common.

My attitude was different. I became serious in how I spent my time. I was ready to solely focus on my new plan, this time with big goals that would leap me forward.

 The 25 – Indefinitely

What is it: List 25 goals over the year as you’re completing the 50G or if you’re starting here, in one month (~1/day). By now, you’re trained yourself to be goal-oriented. There is no longer a sense of aimlessness. The purpose is to think big and think thru the worthy hitting goals. This is done year after year indefinitely.

Types of Goals: The majority, not all, will support your big change or passion. The rest may support other areas you’re improving such as lifestyle or behavioral. Decide how many you will complete for that year. Make the completion rate goal #1.

Why 25: The focused amount will challenge you to make each goal matter significantly. Unlike the other stages, these goals will take time to generate. It may require research and revaluation of what is most important to you for that year. These big goals will be complex enough that it will involve investment to complete – they represent several actions rolled up into one. It’s a good sign if some scare you.

Review, update and reconfigure this list once a month until end of year.