Exploring (100)


When I did this, I knew I needed to change and I also wanted to find a passion, but I didn’t know what that looked like nor where to start. I required deep exploration into my raw wants and needs to discover what it is I’m doing.

To get to that, I had to break through my own monotonous thinking and go beyond the small world I was hiding in. I needed something that would bust the doors wide open.

The 100

What is it: List 100 things you want/need, any you can think of, in one month. 3-4/day. This is goal #1. The purpose is to gut out all the residue that’s been weighing your mind down.

Types of Goals: The list can be anything you want it to be – easy, hard, small, big, strategic, tactical, a monthly or one-time action, a transaction(s), a behavioral change or a progressive change. No metrics necessary, but encouraged. Decide how many you will complete in the next 11 months. Make that your second thing to do. I aimed for 80%.

Why 100:  The volume challenges you to think about every aspect of your life: deep and wide. To make the deadline, you have to think about it daily. As a result, you learn to listen to yourself.

Standard tasks like lose weight, get closer to family, etc. is expected as well as your day-to-day tasks too. Eventually, this will look like a glorified to-do list – the residue. That is part of the process. Get past those. I got to 25 with those. Once I ran out of my small world things to do, something happened…

I became quick at pulling out my phone notes to jot down any fleeting wish, exciting hope or quiet desire – this was the hardest yet exciting part. I started looking at the world through a different lens.

Review and update this list once a month until end of year.