About Elisa

I come from 10 plus years of Organizational Change Management in which I consult organizations with a large staff going through a major change (ie. system implementation/decommissioning, M&A, new process model or leadership to name a few).

If your employees are not aware, informed, bought-in, and truly prepared with training, this can impact the bottom line and ultimately, cost the organization more money than the investment itself.

In conjunction with leadership, we would design an end-to-end strategic plan to manage the people side of that change. This would require a deep understanding of what these impacts would look like at the individual level. The output was a customized plan to minimally affect their day-to-day work while maximizing their performance in the new world during the transition.

I gained extensive experience in process planning, communication management, and implementing the change while working with groups at various levels. This coupled with my passion to help and motivate people compliments the work I do in self-improvement.

I am an expert by experience.

At the personal level, many seek change and direction on where to start and how to do it. My work is pivoted on providing guidance in these areas based on the combined work I’ve done in my past career and on TSW. I offer personal coaching and small group events.

Please contact me for rates and availability.

‘Til  Next,
Austin, TX
IG: Elisaut
Twitter: TSWsitecom