4 Important Pool Party Do’s & Don’ts

Summer is coming in hot and strong which means cooling off in the pool becomes a weekly past time. And, when we throw alcohol and people under the beating sun in that mix, it is the perfect recipe for some party foul choices. Don’t be like me and accidentally kick pool juice all over someone’s face and in their cocktail. Not a great way to start things. This was my first rule in my last blog: never wash any body parts in the pool. To continue with the spirit, in the video below, I detail how to set the right pool party vibes with 4 do’s and don’ts.

If you like the video, share it with your next pool party crew. They may find the link to the wet wipes useful among the other below – all for the greater good right!

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How to Set the Right Pool Party Vibes: 4 Do’s & Don’ts



Mind Your Splash:

Its a Pool Party, Not a Pee Party.

Dehydration and Rehydration is a Team Effort!

Don’t be DJ Douche.