Know the Struggles & the Essentials While in Bali

palm tree IISince January 2018, I’ve been living in Bali. My Story, posted last week, went into how my single status brought me where I am and ultimately evolved the way I think. Most particularly, I have a new appreciation for the relationships around. But, I neglected the place I call home: Bali. To many, this is a holiday, while to me its a relationship too. Just like with any, Bali and I have our moments, sometimes great and sometimes frustrating.

The Bali Struggle is Real

She gives me the latitude to dream and build my aspirations for as long as I want. But, she will also slap me back into the third world reality I’m so graciously living in. She humbles me by reminding me in her own way that I can’t have it all. And if I must insist, I have to become resourceful for solutions, accept the alternatives, let it go or simply leave the island. No one is making exceptions here for this Austin girl.




Even Paradise Has Its Shortcomings

Here are some honorable mentions: inconsistent hot water, no such thing as a refund, no, limited western products.. I can go on. Many may experience some of these inconveniences or maybe not, depending on your duration and where you’re staying. frustration

I figured how to get around and live just fine. With that said, I wanted others to avoid the same mistakes and learn from my growing pains. If you’re not ready for a full on relationship with Bali yet, then I’m about to do you a solid.

Know What to Do While in Bali

Initially, I had a document for many friends who visited this year. It was a list of  short cuts and straightforward tips about getting the basics. To no surprise, it turned into a lengthy beast.

With a three groups coming in May, I finally made the decision to move this into a public space for everyone’s benefit. Here, I would share the inside scoop on what to expect and how to go about getting through the struggles and essentials while in Bali.

Most already know where they want to stay and the sights to visit. What they don’t know is how to get food delivered or if you can stream media while in Bali.

Hell, I didn’t realize how surprisingly difficult it was to find the normal plastic applicator tampons or how super easy it was to get name brand over-the-counter birth control…while in Bali.

I introduce you to a new source where you can learn how to get the essentials and all the other stuff you don’t really think about…

I will continue to post to that site as I learn more of the island’s nuances. I still have a queue of other topics such as what’s the common first date trend, what’s the tipping culture and what other essentials to load up on before getting here.




Don’t you worry. My relationship with Bali is going on and going strong. I’m well aware of this everyday. With that, I learned that it is impossible to find a simple lamp for my desk. They do exist. My place offers side table ones, but those were specially ordered. I will have to travel across town to get what I’m looking for.

Otherwise, my other only option is buying a light bulb and put one together myself.

‘Til Next, Elisa



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