How Sex is Different with a Connection vs. Not.

As you know, I met someone recently. There was a connection, a very solid one. So solid, that the intimacy was different than what I had experienced in my single past. When you’ve been dating for so long, you almost forget what its like to have meaningful sex. Unfortunately, we will lose sight of that given the cultural shift, people are single longer. With that said, for the longest, I wondered what magical unicorn-riding experience was I missing out on…

How is sex different between two people who are emotionally connected versus not?

If you isolated the event from the start to climax, what are the distinctions in…the number of positions? The sex talk? The pace? The kissing? The attitude?




The people want to know.

So I asked around. 

Check out the 3 minute video about my findings. Granted, there are variations of connections and not. Keep that in mind. I do get a bit honest at the end, not to mention the hair and makeup.

‘Til Next, Elisa


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