10 Acts Guys Appreciate from Women

Not too long ago, I posted a blog about gentlemen qualities women appreciate. The goal was to raise self-awareness around the things that we, ladies, like about you boys. With that said, I received interest from followers curious about the same for women. I naturally assumed this would be an easy exercise as I pride myself in the old school way of doing things.

I love being a woman and a lady to a gentleman. However, when it came down to it, I struggled in identifying those ladylike qualities. It seemed most of them were centered around image or physical presentation as oppose to acts that were listed for men (ie. opening the door, offering their jacket).




Examples such as “being feminine” or “being properly groomed” or “having a big ass” just didn’t sit well. These qualities should be things that any woman can do. Its not a list of features or personality traits. For example, some may not naturally be as feminine as others. I wanted to level the playing field.

To add, the term and definition, “ladylike”, also seems dated and irrelevant. Possibly gentlewoman could be a better fit, maybe not? #upfordiscussion Without getting too caught up with the semantics, let’s dive into the qualities men appreciate from women, specifically within in the dating space. Enjoy the short clip. As always, its ridiculous, but insightful. Some girls couldn’t guess any from the list. It is not what you think. #youdbesurprised

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‘Til Next,

Universal acts that any woman can do if she chooses to.

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