10 Understated Yet Attractive Gentleman Qualities

These days with my traveling, I get the pleasure to engage with people of different ages, cultures, and experiences. With that said, there are some behaviors, specifically being a gentleman, the younger generation hasn’t embraced or come around to yet. The difference is stark given the 35-50+ bubble I lived in back at home. Being a gentleman is a standard.

This behavior, or lack thereof, doesn’t exclude the odd older guy nor am I including all young men. There could be a number of reasons why some guys choose not to behave in that manner. The point is, being a gentleman, a subtle quality, is incredibly attractive and deserves awareness. As a woman who appreciates this, I notice these details in our day-to-day whether its among our friends, boyfriends, or husbands.




A woman will always appreciate a gentleman – any day. 

I can only speak for myself and for those who still believe in the old school way of doing things. Chivalry is sexy and romantic. Being a gentleman is even more admirable when its second nature and done without romantic intent. There is belief in the value behind the act.

If I had a time machine to go back and give my 25-year-old self some tips, I would.  So, why not share some of the gentlemanly manners I’ve experienced and appreciated. While there is plenty of advice in the dating space (in another blog possibly), here are some day-to-day basics. For all you know, you may already do some of these or sometimes over look others.

When you are out and about next time and you are in the presence of woman, consider the following below. This won’t cost you a single pretty penny, other than possibly an impression, a moment or an exchange with a lady in passing or your girl.




10 Understated Yet Incredibly Attractive Gentleman Gestures

  1. You opened my door… It’s not a miracle act. No one is parting the seas, but for some reason, I get a little giddy when my guy does it for me. Maybe it’s because after 40 some years of parents’ marriage, my dad still opens the door for my mom. There is still a little life between them and it’s cute. When a stranger does it, I get the feeling he was brought up right. I can respect that.
  2. You want to give me your seat? Are you insane! I don’t expect it. In fact, I feel a bit bad when you insist and then you’re standing. However, it does take the weight off the heels or the back. I can’t thank you enough. You must very good to your mom and sisters. #standupguy
  3. You want to walk me? We assume no one is looking out for us. We’re on our own. So, naturally, we don’t ask for anyone to walk us to our cars or down the street. But, when its offered, we feel an unexpected relief. It’s nice to know that someone else is aware of our safety and security. I guess I can loosen up on the pepper spray. By the way, where are you going after this?
  4. You noticed? It’s just impossible to look like those Instagram vixens all. the. time. When we’re complimented on a good night or on an average day, it goes far. Thank you for making my day. That was uber sweet of you.
  5. You want to walk on the street side of me? Ah, you want to buffer between the road and me. I’m not sure what to say. It does make me feel a bit protected. I’ll just keep walking as I feel alright when I’m with you.
  6. You want to give me your jacket? Aren’t you cold too? I wanted to look a little extra, which you seem to appreciate. That also meant I had to leave my layers at home. Now I’m paying the price unfortunately and can’t stop shivering. I thought I was on the brink of getting sick for coming out tonight, but your jacket helped me tremendously. How kind. Let’s go somewhere warm for the both of us.
  7. You got me a drink? That was efficient and considerate of you to get mine while you were headed to the bar. It was a little cherry on top that you knew what I like to drink. #dontcosbyme btw. I’ll be sure to get a round two if you let me.
  8. You’ve managed to maintain eye contact even with the floating boobs around. Some guys just can’t keep it together. #hideyourheatbro Women are not objects. Thank you for your discretion and respect. What are you doing tonight?
  9. You want to wait for my plate? That’s so well-mannered of you. Guess we can all control the appetite a few more minutes. If it looks like it will take too long, trust I won’t make you wait any longer. Your food is better warm than cold. It was the thought that counts, and I appreciate it. It’s the restaurant’s fault they couldn’t get our order out at the same time.
  10. You want to help me with my things? I wasn’t expecting it but thank you for noticing that I was struggling with my stuff. It’s nice to know someone is willing to help another out. What’s your name?

Any of these can make our day easier and brighter. It’s all in the details. Some are common I see (or don’t) in the day-to-day. In the first newsletter coming out, I call out a great source for all gentleman things from style, tips, do’s & don’ts. Sign up here. Spin Your Wheels Newsletter out later this week. This will include relationship tips, fumbles of the week, new photos for Patreon donors, and more.

Email me the lady-like things you appreciate from the opposite sex. Don’t be shy. The more we know on our end, the better for everyone also.

‘Till Next, Elisa




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