How to Quality Screen an Online Match

It’s time this Bali-living gal dips her toe back into the dating pool, but #justthetip If you are anything like me, you prefer to cut back on as much dating bomb meet ups. Staying in solo on your couch and Netfixing it is far more rewarding than the hassle of a dead-end night that leaves you regretting that you even tried.

That’s what I used to cringe about.

Today, I approach my online connections differently. I put more time and focus on the front-end screening to ensure that I endure better results and avoid wasting my time. Dating should be fun, not a chore.

Let’s be realistic when I say better results.

Looking for a needle in a haystack is the nature of dating life. This means that most times, we will not meet THE ONE of the thousands that live in your area. Resetting your expectations is key to this sport because you will be disappointed 99% of the time if you don’t.

So, what are realistic expectations? When you’re single, forging lasting meaningful connections of different degrees is part of this life. Community is integral to our health as they are our nuclear family and who knows for how long. There is no need to limit ourselves and shoot down people who don’t make the 100% love cut.

If I am to make the effort to meet someone, I want, at least, one of the following to happen:

  • Best case, we continue to see each other
  • If there is no romantic connection, we have enough banter and commonalities to become friends
  • If anything, at the most minimum, we had a great time that evening! My effort to step out was not in vain.

With a bit of thought and planning, I created a system that allowed me to easily filter my connections. Watch my video below to see the breakdown of my screening process. Know, we’re aiming for quality not quantity anymore. This will result in less dates because you are more purposeful in your dating selection and time.

This is an easy process that if we all did, it would make the dating experience easier for us all around. If we’re destined to be single longer due to cultural shifts, then let’s make this part of our lives rational and effective. There is no need to waste anyone’s time. Dating is super hard already.

I’m just happy that I’m not wasting my make up on dull evenings anymore.

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‘Til Next, Elisa


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