Embrace the Party Person You Are – Purposefully

Not too long ago, I let loose with some friends at a Balinese bar. I may have tripped over myself, took a few shots, and said that my guy friend was gay just to mess with his game. I was silly and not holding back, we made a party out of it. I didn’t once feel disappointed that I was drinking and behaving tipsy. To be frank, I missed that side of me.

For the last year or so in the US, I convinced myself that I was passed my party ways. I would adult by cutting out alcohol and the nightlife. No more getting obliterated every time. Bars were off limits to spend time with friends. I had no interest in living my weekends irresponsibly. This change would fall in line with most of my friends that had a family to raise and homes to manage.

Bed, Bath and Beyond, nice to meet you and your 10% weekly mail coupons.

So, what happened? Hangovers ceased, my drink spending slowed, I lost weight and I was challenged to find different ways to fill my social hour. Not to mention, I was focusing more on TSW (The Spinning Wheel). All in all, it was a positive change with many benefits which I fully recognize. However, this shift didn’t sit right, at least, not entirely.

I was suppressing my inner party girl. 

Why did it feel like I sent her to the penalty box to whimper and slowly die to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” on repeat? I didn’t like that I was regarded as “growing up” because of this change. What was so irresponsible or immature about my past life? I paid my bills on time, never worked hungover, and kept my social times to the weekend. Hell, I was mostly productive. Call me checklist Chandra!

Just because I didn’t have a white picket fence depending on me, it didn’t mean that I had to act like it or prove I’ve adulted. No one is better because they have a family, a house or none. No one is sleep deprived nor has any kiddie play dates on the calendar here. I have a life that allows me the time, money and health to live the way I want to.

Though, I realize, it was time to re-balance my party ways for the results I want. My priorities changed and that means I need to adjust other areas of my life too. Plus, I want to continue to reap these recent benefits. The point is – there is no need to kill my harmless party animal. She’s cool and really f*cking fun.

Embrace your party person within and embrace it purposefully.

Today, I think twice before I cash in my party ticket. I won’t be so quick to shoot down invites. Maybe, I’ll just have one drink or two. We don’t need to get drunk each time, but when I want to, its guiltfree.

How long has it been since I was last silly? Is it a special occasion or an old good friend I haven’t seen in a while? I’ll consider a tipsy happy hour or a late night every couple of weeks. If there is something special like, #yachtweek in Croatia, I’m ready with my bikini! You want to go to Vegas boys? I’ll get my ticket now, you get those craps tables ready for me – well if it’s been a while.

This party girl will come out and come out strong selectively. It will be the best night ever. Did someone day “Big Bali Birthday Bash April 12???” It won’t be often because I’ve come to love and grow this other healthy side of me. #balancelife

So, the next time you’re invited to let loose, consider it. There is nothing wrong with a little fun. You are adulting in many ways and this way too. Yes, you may hurt the next day, but its once in a while when it’s worth it. When you look back when you’re 80, you’ll be glad you did.

The party person within is here to stay and here to reward and cheer your life on when it’s the right time.

Let’s have a drink to that! Hashtag your moments of #adulting.

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Cheers! Elisa

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