Stop Dreading Your Birthday!

Easier said than done, I know.

And, it’s not all of you, but definitely some. Well, this year is a big birthday year for me and with it coming in April, I can’t help but dread it too.

Somehow, after 30, birthdays aren’t sexy or exciting anymore. We fear aging. You’re hoping that one day of the year will come and go with a blink of an eye (just like most mistakes in our lives).

We all know what the next most hated question is, the same one I ask others, of course…

So what are you doing for your birthday?

For me, I have applied the effective technique in getting around this: ignore the question by shrugging the shoulders then divert. Be sure the delivery is slow and subtle. People can pick up on any hint of deviation. Tread carefully my friend.

However, that only works so much. Plus, I don’t get far on the polite points. Go figure.

I need to deal with it and guess what, you do too if you haven’t already this year. So, let’s deal with it together. Let me begin by pointing out there are plenty of things online that will tell you all the reasons why birthdays suck. I’m here to tell you, it still kinda does, BUT we can make it suck less and this is what I’m doing about it.

By the way, I had to learn how to apply the mosaic censorship on this one.
Real piece of work here.

‘Til Next, Elisa

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