Feeling Stuck? My Best Advice.

Lately, I’ve been hearing similar complaints from friends feeling unhappy due to a situation they feel stuck in. They are stuck because they can’t workout due to a foot injury. They are stuck alone in another country while waiting until they reunite with their loved ones. They feel stuck in a toxic relationship. And, of course, stuck with their life.

I began feeling creatively stuck myself after spending the last two weeks locked indoors getting my new blog site up. Starting at my screen doesn’t get a lot of the juices flowing. I was done, so now what.

What did we all have in common? We haven’t planned for anything else. We are just looking down at our feet, in the space we’re in and not taking any step forward. We are just idle mentally, emotionally and/or physically. Make a plan. Have something to look forward to whether it’s a new opportunity, new experience or a new change.

Plan a trip. Plan a night. Plan a new schedule. Plan a new routine. Plan a new date.

Or, you can feel sorry for your sorryass and do nothing. 

If you can’t workout, plan on new ways to maintain your fitness or a new hobby that requires a different set of skills. Possibly, adjust your diet for the meantime.

Scared of an eminent breakup? Get a new adventure coordinated. Get a plan B started – now.

Idle? You already know what I would say.

For my friends, a couple were inspired. One started planning out local things to do while she waits for her big reunion. The other is considering doing remote work like me to give herself that big change in her life that she needs to move on.

For me, I’m getting my ass out! I was so overstimulated in Cape Town that I was eager for some quiet concentrated blog work when I returned home. Well, I’m done with the backend stuff and now, need some new experiences to, well, experience.

I’m in Houston until Christmas, then one night at L’auberge Casino in Lake Charles (12/26-12/27), and finally, some Austin time until after the New Year. This is all detailed in my timeline to the right sidebar of the page.

Sign up below in the footer below for blog and updates. I may in your city to connect. You can also see my daily adventures on Instagram @Elisaut.

‘Til Next, Elisa


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