My 10 Sexy Lingerie Moves

We all want to feel a little sexy sometimes no matter if you’re single or partnered. Hell, that’s why I shave my legs and keep her groomed down there whether there is an anticipated audience or not. But, with the weather getting cold, sometimes our mojo can cool down too and that’s when lingerie can come to the rescue.

It’s is a great way to keep your vibe saucy and your active life steady, if you choose to that is. Here are my top sexy moves whether it’s within the privacy of my own home or with someone I’m seeing.

  1. Is it time again to wash your laundry? Put that cute chemise on as your backup wear while you wait for the machine finish its rounds. (recommend the gray one, it has more of a casual, “I’m not trying hard look about it”.) In fact, wear it every time its laundry day. Before you know it, it becomes habit for you and a sexy surprise for others.
  2. Headed out the door to meet with people? Go commando as some would say. And, let him know when it’s the time is right. Wearing a skirt or dress is strongly recommended. Throw in some stockings instead of your traditional tights that go all the way up.
  3. Don’t have any lingerie? If you’re holiday shopping, casually wander into an intimate’s store with him. You just need to check some thing, that’s all. You may need his opinion on an item or two. Wonder what this would look like…on me? What do you think about the color? The little boner seed slowly gets planted.
  4. Have your next lingerie delivered to his address under your name (or somehow have your package accidentally in his possession). It’s another Amazon delivery. Seems innocent. Over the phone or over text, have him open it for you. It’s lingerie? Must have been a mistake. “Well, I can return it…unless you what want me to do something with it…?”
  5. So, say you are out at an event right now. Here is a quick move: discreetly pass along your sexy panties mid-way or at some point in the evening. Have him hold on to it. He’ll think about it every time he puts his hands in his pockets. If you don’t go home with the poor sucker, he will certainly think of you during his #selflove.
  6. Don’t let that hot tub go unused! And, no need to dig for your swimwear. Use this little number or this! Lingerie is the a great substitution. One time, I didn’t have anything, so I had to use a white tank top and panties. The water helped 😉 That’s all we have right now, so deal with it big boy.
  7. Work from home and want to be super comfy? Who said you can’t be productive and saucy all at the same time at home. Chemises are great for this again. They are understated. They keep it comfortable and sexy. Wear it and #sexyspread all you want at home. Be sure to apply tape over your laptop camera though.
  8. We all need a new Instagram photo. Ask him to come over and help you. Give him your camera and start cranking out all the sexy poses in your lingerie. Make sure you go through each one, take your time, and get that build up going. You’ll walk away with some great photos, hot sex, and a new follower 😉
  9. Don’t have any great holiday outfit for that party coming up? Who said you have to dress like the everybody else. Order yourself a sexy holiday costume instead. Surprise him (and everybody else) when he picks you up. #adifferentkindoflingerie
  10. Bring lingerie to the next white elephant party! Either you will make another a couple happy that night or just make sure you win it back (no one has to know you brought it). If you won it, change into it during the party. Wear it under your outfit or under your coat. Give him a little peep show in the bathroom. See how early he’ll want to go home that night.

Check out my Favorite’s Put This On page for all the lingerie and costume options for yourself or as Christmas gifts.

If any one of these got you saucy enough to get laid, you better sign up for this blog! In the footer down below! Enjoy!

‘Til Next, Elisa

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