Secret Sunrise, Let’s Play Again.

By 5am, we were in Ubers and off to De Waal Park in Cape Town. It was a cool Thursday morning. And, for all I knew, we were going to one of those silent disco, aka Secret Sunrise events, where everyone would wear headphones and dance to the tunes played. Pretty straightforward, right?

Find the coordinators at the park. Check your ticket. Put on your headphones. Listen to the soft music that’s already playing. Then move your hips around.

I was not expecting anything more.


Right at 6, “Start slowly breathing,” someone instructed through the headset. Stretches came after. We eventually found ourselves in some yoga positions. Now, it was time to start grooving to the morning beat. The revolution was beginning.

The music continued with a gradual increased pace. “Dance around and have a little dance moment with as many people as you can here.”

“Find a partner, someone you don’t know, and show them your best moves with your feet. Now, with your hands. Ok, your hips!”

We were instructed to combine with another pair, then another.

Soon after, with more words of encouragement, we were locking ourselves hand in hand with others and running in big circles. “Go as fast as you can!”

“Stop. Look for the farthest spot in the park and run towards it! Start dancing again.”

You are in awe seeing so many people scattered throughout and grooving. There were no drinks. No obnoxious drunken behavior. No long lines. No pretentiousness.

“Stop. Come running back as fast as you can. Come to me!” So, we did. We were all in sync with no care in the world.

“Start you day with positive vibes! Open your mind, your hearts. We are all one and all together. We are here for each other.” This was echoed throughout the one-hour activity.

Then, I felt the beads of sweat in between my boobs. That’s when it dawned on me, I was getting a hippie workout.

Yes, people. They need a healthy regimen too.

When was the last time, in my adult life, that I ran around in a park with my friends and strangers? This was very unconventional and almost novel to me. I couldn’t ask for a more unique experience.

I was back at being a kid again and enjoying the simplicity of playing. I saw so many smiling faces that morning. They later relayed about a secret picnic at the end.

Don’t forget how important it is to just play and appreciate all its benefits. The best things in life are free.

‘Til Next, Elisa

Ps. If you research enough, this is likely already happening in your city too.


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