The Crystal Ball Says Get Off Your Ass.

My mom asked, “Are you coming to your cousin’s wedding in mid-October?” I hesitated to answer because it would address what I was hoping to delay a few days more after settling back home in Austin.

I was in the Washington airport waiting for my layover. My five weeks of travel in Sicily, Italy and Spain had concluded. I left seeking a distraction from the tough year I had (i.e. eye surgery, family struggles). There is no doubt I, not only, came back distracted but I came back with another plan – a plan to continue.

Without breaking my mom’s heart too much, I relayed I had intentions to visit Cape Town, South Africa for ~6-8 weeks starting end of September. No mention of Medellin, Columbia or Bali…yet. 

It was her response that awoke me…again. “You weren’t planning on another trip. So, if you go, then you’re coming back and you’ll be done, right? It’s time to be done with that Elisa.”

Aside from seeing my family, what am I supposed to rush back to? I was perplexed.

I don’t have any children. I’m not married. I don’t have a house. I can work from anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a partner and kids, possibly a little cute mini me in tiny little dresses. How cute! However, if I never have this #whitepicketfence, then I better have lived #agreatlife to make up for it. I owe it to myself.

The fact is less are getting married. People are single longer. They represent 51% of the population. Think about this – at least half of your single friends today will remain status quo until the end.

That could be me. That could be you. We can’t wait for that answer because then it would be too late. Unfortunately, no one has a #crystalball.

I’m OK if I don’t have that domesticated life because I’m living a life that I know I would dream about if I was.

I can’t blame my mom for wanting her daughter close and secretly hoping to grow the family, but I must live my life. Maybe, someone else’s template is not mine to complete.

My 80-year-old self would regret and wonder why I didn’t do something if I wasn’t tied down. What else did you do? What do you have to show for it?

Went to work, worked out, got a home, played Uno, waited and went to happy hour?
I can do that whenever and wherever.

If anything, this blog should light a fire under your ass. It sure happened to me.

‘Til Next, Elisa
#whitepicketfence #agreatlife #crystalball #thespinningwheelsite

Ps. I have tentative plans post Cape Town. Follow me on Instagram to see the pics and silly stories @Elisaut and sign up to receive email alerts about the blog!


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