The Grass IS Greener on The Other Side

We live in a world where we are constantly inundated with options. You get flashes of better cars, better partners, better jobs, better homes, better lives, etc. Living among these images daily, it is easy to feel as though your life is inadequate or needs to match up.

We often think that single people live with this unsettling feeling most. They can’t commit to anyone because of the hotter option around the corner OR they dwell on a picturesque #whitepicketfence life they have yet to achieve or may never. Who wouldn’t want the incredible partner with the 2.5 kids, a puppy and a big house? It must be better than no one to greet you at home with empty-feeling weekends.

Not so fast though.

Surprisingly, the coupled population struggle with this similar sentiment more than you think, but in their case, the source is the opposite. Their white picket fence is locked in and loaded. They have it all and have it figured out – so we think. This life can be monotonous and immobile. It can come with a silent yearn for what others have more of or don’t whether it’s a bigger house like the Jones or freedom and no commitments like the singles.

Not all feel this way.

If you woke up tomorrow never knowing how others live, would you appreciate your life more?

It’s about perspective. The grass is greener under your feet AND on the other side. The inability to conceptualize this may translate to a feeling of dissatisfaction no matter where you are or what you’ve gained. It’s never enough.

Regardless of your status, maintaining #happiness and #fulfillment is an ongoing effort.

Happiness is the foundation in how you operate. This outlook is critical in how you view yourself and process everything around. Embrace the crossroads you faced and the choices you made that brought you here. Wake up with peace.

Focus less on the things you don’t have and more on what you do. 

Seeking fulfillment is an active pursuit of achievement whether simple or complex. This contributes to the feeling of value and worth.

With that said, a little chase or struggle is healthy. Some of the best things take a little work and commitment to see it through. You’re on the right track as long as you have a little fun along the way and don’t sacrifice health or compromise your values. #generalruleofthumb

It took me time to learn how to create TSW and build the courage to make my work public. The gratification of building this is indescribable. When I’ve inspired someone through my blog, it makes my day and motivates me to do more. I know what fulfillment feels like and I happily chase it every day. I wouldn’t be here if I never did the 100 things (aka: 100 goal challenge). That helped me to discover my passions.

Life’s problems will not be answered through another man’s life or expectations, only your own.

Water your own grass and let it flourish.

‘Til Next, Elisa
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