Hamptons #CrewLife

After three years of visiting the Hamptons for July 4th, it was time to decide if I am to return or visit somewhere else next year. Over the past several months my values have significantly changed, specifically, in how I spend my time, money and energy.

This year, it’s been about less: I’ve been drinking less. I’ve been going out less. I’ve been partying less. I’ve been hungover (if at all) less. Going to Montauk, also known as “The End”, would be the opposite epicenter of those things. And, if I couldn’t maintain a healthy intake of that, then maybe I need to reevaluate.

So, what happened?

We had a full detailed schedule with entry to the hot spots and a plethora of adult beverages and debauchery available. I came, I battled and I conquered reasonably and responsibly. Am I coming back again? Yes, but not for that reason, surprisingly. Having cut back, I gained clarity in what it was I enjoyed most.

The Crewlife.

Due to the size of the island and the select number of places, it fosters a close-knit culture of socialization. Seeing familiar faces and connecting with more people is constant. If you meet me, you meet my friends and their friends and vice versa. And, we will likely run into each other again throughout the weekend and continue our days of haze.

The men were respectable and the women were relaxed – a perfect combination for peace and laughter. Exchanges were seamless, and misunderstandings were properly handled.

Side note: I pride myself in not getting too involved or informed of any relationship history. #ruleofthumb 

Before you know it, the small group of friends you traveled with have blown into a crew of people. Men and women. Young and old. Small and tall. Fun and funnier. Everyone is consistently good looking. #addedbonus Not one style alike unless its stylish and in pastel colors and/or resort wear. A picture-perfect postcard I am willing to live in any day, every day.

We were ridiculously #glorious and gay with our best lines and antics thrown at each other and to anyone that was around.

With a growing population of long term singles, it’s natural that we seek our own version of a fun family even if its #crewlife for a weekend. We all want to feel a part of something greater especially when it’s good. No man was left behind unless requested.

We had bonfires, brunches, bars and dinners. I can do the same anywhere, but doing it in Montauk with the people I met made all the difference. #crewlife

Crew 3

Cheers to coming together just because and not due to a loss.
‘Til Next, Elisa
#crewlife #glorious #addedbonus #thespinningwheelsite

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