Therapy – It’s not what it used to be.

Some people know therapy is good and helpful, but many still think there is a stigma. #Timeshavechanged It’s more common than you think. Having a therapist is like having a hairstylist – you need one at hand for maintenance, a big change or a one-off situation that has come up.

It’s time to be proactive with the on-goings in your life. We get checked for all other areas of our life, why not exercise the mental health. If you do, I interpret that as someone who wants to actively work on themselves.  #itsagoodthing

Going? Know this – not one issue or concern needs to be qualified to go. It also doesn’t have to be an intense emotional session every time. My last visit was about coping with my eye recovery. It put my life on hold and everything I had planned for the next two months. At times, I felt imprisoned by the recovery. The session helped me to re-calibrate my perspective and time.

What about you? Have an issue collaborating with a team for work? Trying to improve your relationship with you mom or dad? Juggling a few life milestones? Do you hear that you’re constantly defensive? In between quitting or starting a new business? Not sure if you’re your dating habits are helping or hindering you? Do you feel like you were hit by multiple issues at once? Do you suspect you struggle with certain qualities (i.e. communication, intimacy, insecurity, anxiety)? Are there habits you want to improve?

The list can go and on.

One thing I always like to point out, don’t wait until sh*t hits the fan especially when you’re in relationship. Get aligned with each other and get ahead of it now.

There is one thing I can guarantee you when you see one – it’s the feeling of relief and release you get when you leave that appointment.

#Summeriscoming Don’t deprive yourself of lake or pool activities because of body issues. Go see someone and be ready!

‘Til Next, Elisa
GOAL: Maintain Mental Health



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