Do You Have Realistic Relationship Expectations?

The dating struggle is real and a lot of times it has to do with the disconnect in people’s view of how a relationship functions: the mystical versus the reality. There is more emphasis on day-to-day emotions and less on long term compatibility and values.

We trap ourselves into a loop where we are in constant search for a unicorn that doesn’t exist. As disappointment reoccurs and cynicism builds, we start nesting in the superficial world of #serialdating. This is as close as you get to forging a relationship and feeling the highs from it before the mystical expectations are not met – again.

Below is a brief breakdown between the misconceptions (including some serial dater signs) against realistic relationship expectations in various areas. These are not hard and fast rules, but more common traits many have experienced. There are some gray areas – kind of.

The takeaway? Reset your mind to look for the right things if your goal is to get into a long term relationship. You also have to reflect those long term qualities too.

Last, keep an eye out for signs of a serial dater who thinks they want a long term relationship. #Dontbefooled

‘Til Next, Elisa

Ps. I’m a relationship person even though it may not seem as I typically don’t make my relationships public. I get that it’s work and it’s slow; hence, my tendency to unveil little on social media.  However, #openforbusiness

 Topic: Unrealistic Dater Realistic Relationship
The Last Relationship The Ex was the issue or crazy, no other choice but to move on There were mistakes, it was a lesson learned for both parties
Looking for…. Fun, no drama, a good time Chemistry, compatibility, common values
The First Date Looks a lot like what you want, is almost the ideal match Looks like there is potential, you want to get to know them more and see
Who is the Priority Everything else is a priority The relationship is one of the priorities
Your Status Quo Expect little to no change with the right person, change is not a good sign Expect to bend, meet in the middle and slowly merge into a life that satisfies both parties
The Sex Passionate and constant, romance is a given Somewhat steady with some peaks and valleys, put in time for romance
Our Differences Little to no differences, if any, it may mean a lack of compatibility Differences are expected, it’s about how you work through them
Are Relationship Work? Not really. Communication, respect and trust should fall into place Of course. Communication, respect and trust must be worked through

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