What If I Never Made that Appointment (semi-graphic image)

The retina reattachment (buckle) surgery was successful and the recovery is moving along – sloowly. While overall that is positive news, I can’t overlook how lucky I was to catch this urgent unsuspecting need in time.

I’m notorious for delaying attention to my health. For instance, if my throat is bothering me, you can bet after a full week or into the second, I will finally yet reluctantly set up an appointment. Hi bronchitis! Other times, if I have a mild pain, I try to ignore it away.

Brushing my health off is not a winning trait and it almost happened again. I already missed two calls from the retina office to set up an appointment. Work was hectic and I had too many things going on, but then I got a text from someone.

By the end of the week, I was sitting in the patient’s chair processing what Dr. Robert Wong had just told me. I needed to get eye surgery very soon. It was not elective. How soon? Within a couple of weeks. Surgery was scheduled exactly 10 days after that.

People ask, were there signs? Was there any pain? No, there wasn’t, just floaters which many folks have and it seems, usually, not to mean anything. It did this time.

That text made the difference.

When I say, I put my health second, I’m not joking. Don’t cringe, but, previously, I went almost two years wearing the same contacts without one proper checkup or a fresh pair. Bad Elisa. I finally came around to it a few years back. The retina detachment was independent of this. 

Heard of carpel tunnel? Since I started my current role, my right-hand experiences fatigue and discomfort often. My work demands a significant amount of typing coupled with stress over long periods of time. If you follow any me on Instagram (Elisaut), you may have seen that I finally went to a Neurologist to get it checked.

Don’t be fooled, this visit was long overdue. Finally going after three years was, sad to say, impressive by my standards.

If there were some goals I dismissed, it’s those related to my health. I’ve wanted to go to an allergist to address, well, my allergies. If you read my last blog, I’ve been meaning to manage my anxiety. I’ve also been interested in completing a genetic predisposition test. If I did that, I would be so ahead of my class for health checkups!

The point is, these were part of my 100 Goals last year and I didn’t complete them (target 80% completion, but I digress). It became evident that I have a bigger problem. I don’t prioritize my health. I need to change my attitude and remain committed to action. The resilience and sustainability of one’s health weakens with time.

Prioritizing my health is now in my 50 goals for this year.

Subsequent stage of the 100G.

Dr. Wong estimates the retina started to detach in the last two months. If I waited beyond April, it could have detached 20% more in the next 60 days. I would have been at risk of losing sight permanently in my right eye. Admittedly, I only made that appointment to appease someone else, I didn’t do it for me. I didn’t do it for my health.

If my optometrist, Dr. Stephanie Colorado, didn’t text me, insisting that I go, I would be blogging about many other things for a while until the unknown. Last time I checked, doctors don’t usually send a personal reminder to their patients. but I was lucky that she’s a good friend of mine and she’s great at texting.

What a wakeup call. #lessonlearned

Unfortunately, I’m not buddies with any of my other doctors. I’m on my own. Side note: Good looking dentists at Lake Austin Family Dental. It’s a nice end of visit perk.

With no ability to drive and no makeup or water in or around the eye plus a bloody looking eyeball to top off the cool look, I’m in house arrest. Thankfully, I have this blog, Netflix and a caring family and friends to keep my mind busy. My next follow up is in two weeks. This will determine if they’re injecting a needle in my eye.

Otherwise, I am fully healed by Memorial weekend and in time for a Vegas trip June 19th. #fastrecovery

‘Til Next, Elisa
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