Change Your Life, Change Your Vacation

You finally decide to take time from work, but going to a beach either sounds too quiet, too “couply” or the same you’ve done year after year. Maybe, all you can think of is the beach because that’s where you’re supposed to vacation, right? However, if you’re looking to change things for yourself, would it be worth your wild to try a new way of spending your free time?

The beach isn’t going anywhere. You have the rest of the year or any other long holiday weekend to do what you’ve done before. This year challenge yourself to a different kind of vacation as a goal. I did – I went to SXSW. I bucked up and paid ~$1200 out of my own pocket and took four days from work just for this. I chose something completely different and over the conventional RnR vacation.

There is something for everyone if you look hard enough. With a little thought and net surfing, you can find just about anything for any interest.

Did you know that National Geographic offers photography expeditions for those who are learning?!

Like…. Go to… Where… When…
Wine, Food Aspen Food and Wine Classic Aspen, CO June
Comics, Characters, Celebrities Comic-Con San Diego, CA July
Spirits Tasting Craft Spirits Carnival San Francisco, CA June
Sci-Fi, Supernatural Entertainment Series Creation Entertainment Convention Various All Year
Creative Art – Modern, Installation, Large Scale Miami Art Basel Miami Beach, FL December
All Media, Entertainment, Celebrities National Association of Broadcasters Las Vegas April
Travel Photography Classes National Geographic Photography Expeditions Various All Year
Cooking and Italy Organic Tuscany Tuscany Italy All Year
Racing Cars Spring Mountain Driving School Various Nevada
Wellness Skyterra Lake Toxaway, NC All Year
Film, Celebrities Sundance Film Festival Park City, UT January
Beer and Germany Oktoberfest Munich, Germany Sept-Oct
Classy Chassies (Cars) Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance Pebble Beach, CA August
Dude Ranch Top 20 Dude Ranches Various All Year

You don’t have to make a big commitment or take a long week off. Try with a few days and smaller budget. This is the opportunity to meet a different set of people, learn about yourself, and create a new perspective

Anonymous in Atx got creative and found her own adventure last year –

I had the opportunity to travel to Croatia in which I learned that my favorite HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones films there!  I got creative, Googled and pulled up a dozen companies that offered tours to see set locations from the show. Many like Viator, which had the best reviews, offered guides who served as extras on the show and shared behind the scenes scoop.

The experience was unreal! I’m such a huge fan that I recognized locations before our guide announced where we were in Dubrovnik. We visited the Old City where much of King’s Landing is filmed including Fort Lovriijenac where the Red Keep was filmed. I even did Cersei’s “walk of shame” on steps of the Sept.

I learned that I enjoy taking a variety of tours when visiting a new country, whether its a walking or cycling tour, they’re all centered around a theme I’m passionate about. This summer I’m traveling to Hungary and Germany on my own. Next will be to figure out what will be my creative travel theme there.  – Anonymous in Atx

Stuck? Don’t we all. Ask yourself this –

  • What are you most passionate about? A TV series, an industry, a food, a genre of music, self-development…?
  • Where do you spend most of your time? Film watching, trying new cocktails, blogging about the arts, taking pictures…
  • When are you typically having a good time? Trying a new restaurant, sighting celebrities, tasting new wines…

Return to your Monday meeting or your weekly happy hour with friends from your vacation with something new to say. You’ll still have plenty of holiday weekends, more paychecks and friends to go with to the beach.

Life doesn’t get interesting on its own. Tag your most unique vacation pic or story for idea sharing to #uniquevacations. The more we know, the better off we all are.

‘Til Elisa
#thespinningwheelsite #uniquevacations #lifedoesntgetinterestingonitsown

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