I’m Not Fat, But There is a Chance You Are.

We all have things we want to cut out of our lives like negative relationships or habits. I watched Minimalist about cutting unnecessary space and materials. The media has exaggerated our perception in how we’re supposed to live and a lot of people have fallen victim to it making us materialist – Keeping up with the Joneses.

I’m not part of that and here is why. I don’t feel like I am without. I am fairly content with what I have. I’ve maintained a consistent cost of living for the last four years. My car is paid and my debt is non-existent. I save well over the recommended minimum.

If you’re unhappily slaving away in the rat race with the goal to accumulate more and/or attain a status, then you are likely living this template.

Work, while not a passion, isn’t too overwhelming to handle and it’s not my only focus. It allows me to enjoy a life and the life I live whether it’s working from home, dining out, traveling often, or pampering myself with opulent products and services. Oh, the dresses!

As they say, I work to live.

I don’t need to strip my life from these pleasures because it’s part of how I enjoy myself. Most days, I look forward to “my passion project time” – a reasonable happy bar to measure by I’d say.

I am not a minimalist and I’m not a materialist. I’m in the middle.

Middlest maybe?

As you know, I’ve regained my own sense of fulfillment with the 100 Goals and this blog among other things. It’s no secret I want to achieve more in pushing beyond my own perceived limits and taking risks with this work. I would like to enhance this site, get myself plugged in various marketing media platforms and ultimately, let go of my corporate job.

Not one thing overwhelms the other and when it does, I am imbalanced unless I choose so.

The nicer car, the bigger home and more stuff can and may come, but that’s not my goal. I get more and do more if I have the comfortable space for it. If I must compromise my happiness or mental health, I’ll pass. This also applies to people, places and things.

I feel fulfilled therefore I want more, not, I want more to feel fulfilled. 

(You can quote me)

I do see value in cleansing my lifestyle – cutting the fat. I may not be reducing the number of materials I own, but I have cut back in different ways and areas over the past year.

I’ve done this in drinking, junky food, tube, mindless social outings, online gaming, and pleasing others – likely a product of fulfillment. When I do indulge, it’s with intent. Thus, I am more deliberate with my time and it’s been an enriching experience.

Side Note: I cut out stupid boys in dating too, a lesson compliments of an ex. I could cut out salt, but we won’t go there.

I’ve also decided to cut out a friend. What I’m really cutting out is his new girlfriend that is fixated on removing his friendships. While I’ve been advised to sit pretty through her colorful theatrics, I can’t justify any of my time with this volatile chapter I didn’t sign up for. It’s a long, draining road for such a nice guy. Peace bro. No, really, peace.

I didn’t realize this, but I cut out one more thing preemptively. I’ve lived at my place for a while now. I’ve been itching to move into a bigger more upgraded space. After watching this documentary, I learned that many people tend to use only about 40% of their home. Right now, I utilize, not maximize, every space. I will keep my place until I’m ready for a more permanent move and that could mean a bigger home, but for my passions not image.

I feel like I live comfortably lean, I hope you do too, but many don’t.

‘Til Next, Elisa

Contact: elisa@TSWsite.com

Ps. Another cut back – politic talk.


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