A Swig of My Own Red Bull

I came back high from an outstanding San Francisco NYE trip and it came with a price. For the last week my mind was blocked. I was depleted to think around my passion path. All I knew was to clock in to work Tuesday morning.

A little energy drink for the mind eh? I do. Here is a story that reminds me of the tiger I am and can be when I want to be –

Over several years ago, I wanted to take a break from the corporate world and a try at being a wine representative. Oh, how I heard it was VERY competitive. It’s a long line to crack into that world. So, I knew I would have to do something to stand out especially given that I had no formal background in wine, just wine drinking…

After coming across a job posting online that had the location and manager listed, I was off to Whole Foods that next morning. I picked up a sandwich, chips, a drink and a brown paper bag and made may way to the distribution office of this job posting.

I relayed to the front desk that I had a perishable delivery for Mr. Manager along with a message. 25 Minutes later, Mr. Manager came out of the office double doors to cautiously greet me and this delivery I had for him. I handed over the food along with a copy of my resume and introduced myself. When he realized how I found his name and my interest in the role he was offering, he ushered me into the nearest conference room and gave me an impromptu interview. I was now moved to the front of the line. My number was called.

By the following week Mr. Manager’s team called to set up a formal interview. Before you know it, I was trained and fully on-boarded. Elisa had become a wine rep in less than a month.

This story makes me giggle. I left after a few months. It wasn’t what I expected. However, I knew if I really wanted to get back to that or go at anything else, I probably can.  Plus, I can always enjoy wine any day.

Side note: That was the best wine 101 experience I could get.


A bestie of mine from San Francisco nicknamed me brass balls many years prior to this. It may be safe to say that getting this wine rep job wasn’t the only instance I’ve been bold.


Don’t get me wrong, it can work against me if I’m careless. If the world is truly my oyster, then I just need to go for what I want. They say the best jobs are the ones you create for yourself. That’s what Joe did –

He had a full-time IT gig at an oil company and loved his local football team. In his pastime, he would log his team and their competing teams’ plays. After enough data, he created a system that made prediction plays. Data analytics was new at the time, so there was no standard for this type of work.  He sent it to the coach along with a pitch. Some conversations followed and eventually, he was offered office space next to the coach and left his IT job in the dust.

I don’t know what happened to him, but it certainly left an impression.

I go back to Tim Ferriss’s million-dollar question. If you had all the money in the world, what would I do to make myself happy? What would be my ideal passion for a job?

Before I started the 100, I was completely happy with a life that didn’t require much of me. If I ended up married where I didn’t need to work, I was fine with that, but that all turned around. It’s now time to think to big and do it.

Have a bull in you? Maybe we share a similar set.

‘Til Next, Elisa

PS. I have another story about a bold move I made at my most mature peak – fifth grade.

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