I Don’t Need a Wedding to have a Party or a Fund

TSW is a goal-oriented program. Each blog is pivoted around a goal(s) to help users identify the things they want to accomplish in their lives to build out their list.

My aunt thought it was a great idea to get me an exercise video. Fail. No explanation needed.

My dad bought me a snuggie once. I’m guessing he didn’t know those are usually a gift. He wasn’t laughing when he gave it to me. I wasn’t either.

A family friend loves to give me the gift of free advice on how “my time will come”. Clearly, she doesn’t know her audience.

I can’t really blame them for not reading my mind. It’s not like I’ve made it known what I want or what I’m doing.

It’s hard to think of something on the spot when asked. Plus, I’m an adult. I buy things as I need them.  With that said, it’s not the small, but the big things I can always appreciate a helping hand in.

My cousin is marrying next summer (mental note: may need hot date). Her and her fiancé are old enough that they’ve acquired most things for their home. So, they are setting up a fund for their honeymoon, first new home, next new car and/or miscellaneous big ticket items. A common trend for many weddings. My only question is…

Do I really need to wait for a union to have a fund and celebrate big?

No. Who says I need to be locked in to do so? If anything, reward me for another year of further self-actualization, health improvement, or a bounce back. I want to be supported for being where I am today and where I am headed, not just because I’ve confirmed to be with someone.

We were brought up our whole lives only knowing to formally celebrate marriage. There is nothing else other than birthdays if you’re not engaged. Yes, there is Vegas, but it’s Vegas. I’m talking about something meaningful, thought out – like a wedding.

I could appreciate a “growth party”.

(we can work on the name later)

I would gather my family and friends to go over my life plan for the next 5 years. We would review my life and conclude why I am at a turning point.  Then, I would call out my progressive goals like vows to publicly commit to them in front of my loved ones. This would come with the promise of progress and a checkpoint party down the road.

I could wear an expensive dress, host an open bar and shamelessly publicize my growth fund just like a proper wedding.

I was initially being silly when I wrote this, but it makes sense. I’m really starting to think about it.

As with most big parties, this would take time to plan. I will noodle on this more. Coincidentally, I’m at a point where I want to build a 5 yr plan for my longer term goals. This would be a natural next step. To be continued…


‘Til Next,


Ps. Divorce parties need to be desperately renamed. Who wants to celebrate an end?


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