A Different Take on the 4-Hour Work Week Principal

TSW is a goal-oriented program. Each blog is pivoted around a goal(s) to help users identify the things they want to accomplish in their lives to build out their list.

Many of us are reading Tim Ferriss’s hit book, “The 4-Hour Workweek” to help think outside of the box and get us closer to the life we want to design for ourselves.  This pivots around living in the now and going with the assumption there is no retirement.

So, what would you do differently if you knew you weren’t retiring?

You probably would take more vacation. Some would finally tap into their savings for a sabbatical. Maybe, others will buy that lake house they’ve always wanted.  Ultimately, you you will try to work reasonably and enjoy things throughout your life as oppose to waiting until the end of the rainbow to do it.

Well, then…

What would I do differently if I may never marry?

I won’t get into the emotional journey behind this, but something switched when I thought this could be a possibility. Then, I realized, for a good part of my life, I was waiting.

Side note: Singles represent 51% of the population and if you’re anything like me, you will not settle. This scenario CAN happen.

I was waiting for a partner to make the bigger trips I’ve always wanted. I was waiting for a partner to make that first big home purchase. I was waiting for a partner to start a business together. I was waiting for that next life – I was stalling.

With this possible outcome, my mind started to open up to the thought of getting an MBA, or a house, or reevaluate my career even breaking into the next level of income. Why worry about not being available for dating or waiting for that partnership to help me grow?

I’m happier when I’m single and that is just the plain truth. I could only hope it can last as long as it can.

I get to do all the things and play with all the toys I want to and it never gets old, just more exciting.

I get to indulge on any traveling. I get time to obsess over new hobbies. I can control my health, be super healthy and look fantastic. I get to quench my mind with all kinds of reads and exercises with no one to distract me or to dismiss it. I get Me time. I’m never tired or spread too thin. I get to grow my friend-base and make new ones everywhere, no need to worry about a grumpy-McGrumpers waiting on me. I can flirt until I drop. I go on wonderful sparkling dates and travel with boyfriends. I enjoy wonderful fulfilling relationships whether they are friendships, family, or romance (oh the stories!).

I get to spend my time, my energy, my body and my money in any way I please. There is no need to feel sorry for me and I have no need to apologize for living this way.

This isn’t to say being with someone is a negative. On the other side of that, this also doesn’t mean something can’t change later, but if it doesn’t….I can’t complain.

I’m talking about how my life works for me right now.

I’m part of the new school of thinking and living. I embrace the life I have. I am no longer fighting to be part of an old norm: get married, make babies, be a soccer mom. This video  reaffirms what I’ve been thinking for a while. It’s certainly for those who are on a similar path of self-growth as a single person.

When I started the 100, it was to distract me from a pain, ironically, a relationship. Reading this book was one of my goals. Now it seems as though this entire exercise was part of a journey…it’s getting me back to what I was and what I am to be.

I like to tell my closest girlfriends how fun it will be when we get to be suitemates at the local *trendy* senior living when we’re old (as lot of us will likely outlive the opposite sex, sorry guys!). One girlfriend suggested being roomies on a cruise ship!

There is no need to rush into anything else, but the negroni I’m about to make.

‘Til Next! Elisa

Ps. I’m great at shuffle board and gambling.

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