My 100 Goal Challenge

TSW is a goal-oriented program. Each blog is pivoted around a goal(s) to help users identify the things they want to accomplish in their lives to build out their list.

A few of summers ago a friend and I thought of the fun idea of creating 100 goals. We would complete as many of them throughout that year as part of a self-improvement exercise. Sounds easy right? Not at all. I fell flat at generating 20. Creating the list was a challenge in of itself. I simply gave up and never thought about it again until now.

I ended a relationship at the turn of 2016 and I didn’t want to waste the rest of the year wondering what could have been. Distraction was a must.

So why would this be a challenge? I envied those who had a clear sense of purpose since Day 1. I’m still lost and wondering. I also thought I had a plan and I would be busy with a family, but that’s not panning out. Who am I? I’m a single 37 yr old woman. I work. I go to the gym. I go out with friends. I go on bad dates. Repeat every week. Life was just passing me by. My light was dim.

What was the expected outcome with this 100 Goal Challenge? I have absolutely no idea.

I will not be defeated by a list. My first goal was to finish drafting the list even if it meant taking the whole month of January to do it: 3-4  Goals a day. I had time and untapped energy to spare.

As the month progressed, I’ll be honest, at times, I got desperate. Items were added from my long overdue to-do list around the house (ie. Change bathroom curtains). Others, were random, so it seemed at the time, such as attend Austin’s SXSW (South by Southwest) Tech week, start a blog, or a behavioral change like, don’t let my fears hold me back.

The list was all I could think about. I shared it when and wherever with my friends, family and strangers. Then they started telling me of their own ideas in how I can succeed. I was building my own support group.

Then came January 31st.  By this point, I felt like I was about to encounter a new path, a new direction, a new something. I was finding energy in me that I didn’t have in a long time. I began holding myself more accountable. I felt more committed to seeing things through. I was more present with my goals in my daily life and it shows. I’ve become goal-oriented again.

Then the ah-ha moment happened. This exercise captured a raw a list of anything and everything I’m passionate about at all levels and areas. When looking it over, I realized it was telling of something I want to be: A lifestyle reviewer. An event enthusiast. A techie advocate. A relationship connector. A self-improvement motivator.

I wondered. Could this simple practice possibly redirect my path? Will I see fundamental change in my perception, my priorities or my living?  I don’t know yet, but this organic exploration is getting me closer to an answer.

This past March I attended SXSW Tech week (goal #59). While I was waiting in line for my very first event, I made a contact. Within 10 minutes, she gave me the rundown of the power of online networking and how she leverages it to support her cause. This nugget of valuable information was unsolicited and serendipitous. It could not have come at a better time. I was just wrapping my head around tackling my goal to blog the 100 goal challenge (#22). My own inner critic and fear was holding me back.  If you’re reading this now, I won. Elisa 1, Fear 0 (goal #92).

The creation stage brought a number of eye-opening changes. Completing 80% of my goals this year is my next goal. To this day I’m tracking the visceral experience. I didn’t expect this, but I already began my 2017 list and it’s significantly different. It’s matured in a very unique way.

I invite you to follow my journey and leverage this for your own growth, motivation, or simply to keep me accountable! Finish what I start. (Goal #4) I want to keep building me.

What is the expected outcome? I still have absolutely no idea, but my light is brightening.

‘Til Next, Elisa

9 thoughts on “My 100 Goal Challenge

  1. One realization – if you don’t put a plan for yourself, you’re allowing the opportunity for others to do it for you whether you agree with it or not.


  2. Wow, this is inspiring! I started my list and only got to 31 goals, but it does feel good to goal set, complete and check it off! Maybe I will finish my list by the end of the year! Keep writing and encouraging us all!!!


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